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 MAD GP 2012

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PostajNaslov: MAD GP 2012   uto sij 10, 2012 9:09 pm

She returns for the 3rd year .............

The ЛĄÐ GP is back with still many surprises.

Proud of his experience, the team has ЛĄÐ demonstrated its expertise in competition with a difference of style any other. Indeed, it is the only one in the world of dirt to be with a pit pass, otherwise no to finish the map.

This is an opportunity for new entrants to come try their luck and show us your talents.
The two previous winners:
2010: ЛĄÐGhostrider
2011: "Dø ड" Matteo
For you to come and put your name to this list.
And here we go!
Now is the moment long awaited by all: The early registration.

You have until 18 MARS 2012 to pick you up!

And pending the start of the competition, you can make you go hand on the server which enables you to come and rediscover the pleasure of two previous editions, or just to discover this unique competition.
Mad Retro GP
Servers info
Location: France-> High-Normandy> Eure
tmtp: / / # addfavourite = srv-6002

See you soon.

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PostajNaslov: Re: MAD GP 2012   sub sij 21, 2012 6:34 pm

Call for mappers:

The maps should be sent before February 28th at the following address:

Rules to follow

Maps to play Round / 100% Dirt (qq road crossings allowed)

map in 3 laps required

Duration: 2 min 30 sec maximum on all three rounds

Mod: Day
Name: MAD GP 2012 - (as you want)

NO PASSWORD to your map

Mediatracker: it will be a continued validation of the choice of your map

Mod / Panels:

Winter mod:

mod was:

normal earth mod:

panels: Nadeo

maps should see a passage in a "stand" required between the last check and the finish line.

Here is the link to a map for example:
http://www.dailymotion...sentation_videogames?star ...

Caution: Changes in hex are allowed but must remain playable: no holes, no passing strange, to be used primarily to avoid the cut.
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Male Horoskop/Zodiac : Bik/Taurus Broj postova : 19
Dob/Age : 50
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PostajNaslov: Re: MAD GP 2012   sub oľu 03, 2012 11:12 am

hello all

The straight line up to the starting line of the MAD GP approaches.

9 days in the new 2012 edition will begin always with great difficulty controlling circuit for 3 laps.

Everything is provided for you to have a good time and you never take the lead, TM remains primarily a Thurs and this is why we are creating for the past three years the competition.

There will be like every year, by 4 weeks of GP maps, classification is by the best combined time of four, all on eight weeks throughout the competition from March 12 to June 24 for the final ranking of the MAD GP and this has continued, the grand finale involving the top 12, will be on 1 July 2012.

It will set up two servers PRIVATE to be able to come whenever you want from 10:00 p.m. Monday, March 12 through a password that you will be on the forum, and an OPEN server, open to all to discover the competition to those who do not know yet.

Quick reminder for understanding the competition, a special mod stands for the MAD GP, that is to say that there is a passage in the pits MANDATORY, otherwise automatic exclusion, this passage is marked by special signs , a media tracker you putting the BLACK screen if you do not pass to the pits, so it has those DEMAND that you allow the locators during your recording parameters of Trackmania.
-For those who have forgotten how to:
* When you started TM
* Click on "configure"
* Do "advanced"
* Click on "peer to peer"
* And check "enable dowload", "activate Locators", "update the locators" and "Enable upload"
* Do "ok" then "save"

Here, more than a big week for the start of what will be, I know a great season and that will put his name at the top of the poster.

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PostajNaslov: Re: MAD GP 2012   

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MAD GP 2012
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